Français! Français DVD

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French


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Français! Français DVD - Instead of just listening to the new Français! Français! CD by Etienne and Roland Bibeau, buy the dvd and enjoy music videos of the 10 songs (and 10 instrumental versions for karaoke too!!!).

1. Français! Français! (Basic French words and expressions)
2. À l'école (Classroom vocabulary)
3. Cherchez Partout (La Maison)!
4. Célébrons les Couleurs! (Color vocabulary, masculine and feminine)
5. J'Adore ma famille (Commonly used family terms)
6. Le Calendrier (Day and Month vocabulary)
7. En Vogue et à la mode (every day clothing vocabulary)
8. Les Parties du Corps (Basic parts of the body and expressions)
9. Comptez (Learn your numbers from 1 to 100)
10. Le Transport (commonly used transportation vocabulary)

11. - 20. Versions Instrumentales

The lyrics are not included - they are on the activity guide cd-rom.