Filia Regis et Monstrum Horrible

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Filia Regis et Monstrum Horrible a Latin Novella by Andrew Olimpa. Comprehensible Classics - Volume 1. Princess Psyche has everything going for her: wealth, fame, beauty, admirers . . . until Venus the goddess of beauty becomes jealous and sends a terrible curse: Psyche is condemned to marry a horrible monster who lives in a mysterious palace on top of a mountain. Originally told by the Roman author Apuleius, this adaptation of the myth of Psyche is an exciting fantasy adventure, full of twists, secrets, and magic. The reader will also find many surprising connections to popular modern fairy tales, such as "Cinderella," "Snow White," and "Beauty and the Beast." Written in Latin for first or second year Latin students, but also very useful for self-learners.

Paperback, 100 pages.