A1-A2 - Faisons les courses

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Faisons les courses - This beginning level (Level A1-A2) French board game takes you grocery shopping. Learn foods and beverages in a stimulating and entertaining atmosphere. There are really two games in one - with 66 cards of pictures of different foods and beverages with the name underneath (with the article) and 36 cards with a shopping list on one side and on the other side, pictures of 6 different items for the lotto game. The game booklet explains how to play the games and offers suggestions to make it harder and vary the rules a bit. There is an alphabetical list of all the items, idiomatic expressions using the items, a recipe for ratatouille and a quiz about French food!

Faisons les courses ! est un jeu qui facilite l'apprentissage, le renforcement et l'usage correct du lexique et des structures linguistiques propres aux achats et qui permet l'élargissement du bagage lexical de l'apprenant, en présentant des aliments et des boissons au sein d'une situation stimulante et amusante comme la vente et l'achat.