En Route pour l'école

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En Route pour l'école - This French workbook is designed to teach children basic concepts such as colors, shapes, the alphabet and numbers in a fun and educational way. These fundamental concepts are further re-enforced with a CD of delightful songs. The workbook activities also develop fine motor skills by engaging the child in coloring, tracing and drawing exercises. Includes: 104 page French activity workbook and a 12 song CD with the following songs:
1. Le jaune, le rouge et le bleu
2. Couleurs boogie
3. Le zèbre Arthur
5. La chanson du triangle
6. Le rectangle
7. La chanson de l’alphabet
8. ABC pour danser
9. À quoi servant les lettres
10. Comptons les animaux
11. La soupe aux patates
12. Une grenouille en vacances

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