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En Quête - Ages 9 and up. Learning French can be an adventure with this interactive program. Pico, and twenty other Canadian high-school students, have won a trip to France where several members of the group unwittingly become collaborators for a spy. Several members of the group unwittingly become collaborators for their innkeeper, a spy who gives them encoded micro-chips on the eve of their return home. In order to free their teacher, who is being held hostage, Pico must track down and collect the micro-chips from his traveling companions - now scattered across Canada. And an RCMP agent is following Pico's every move.This adventure game is a veritable race against time. The many obstacles that the player, as Pico, must overcome provide a variety of French learning activities and exercises.

Improve French language skills while playing the game; Oral and written French comprehension: following instructions, reading clues and interviewing characters; Written French expression: recording data, giving information, making inquiries.

While fulfilling their mission, players sharpen their ability to: recognize, describe and analyze a problem;
design a plan for solving a problem and evaluate various possible solutions; apply a chosen solution.

Pico meets with characters in 37 Canadian cities in order to locate the missing micro-chips. Each encounter involves a series of scenes that are full of language-learning opportunities.

A map of Canada lets players choose which city to visit next in order to question characters or find clues. In choosing a destination, players must take into account dates in the notebook and clues to the movement of the characters.

Players can record a session, including their notes, and pick up where they left off when they return to the game.

The notebook is the key to the game. It contains :
essential information for playing the game
clues recorded by the player and furnished by characters encountered in the course of the game.

En Quête Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: 486, Pentium 1 +; Windows 95, 98, XP; 8MB RAM; Color Monitor; 2X CD ROM drive; Sound card. Macintosh requires: 68040, PowerPC +; Mac OS 7.1+; 8MB RAM; Color Monitor; 2X CD ROM drive.