El Pato Paco CD-ROM

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El Pato Paco CD-ROM - Ages 4 and up. In this interactive CD-ROM for children, Paco introduces basic Spanish words and phrases. Explore the games in his playroom, read a story and look up unfamiliar words in the glossary. Help Paco the duck search for his animal friends and join in the big surprise! Then go to Paco's playroom to learn more basic Spanish while playing some of Paco's favorite games. This CD-ROM helps children learn correct pronunciation, learn the Spanish alphabet, learn the Spanish names for common animals, learn colors and how to tell time.

Pato el Paco requires: PC; Windows NT, 2000, XP; Pentium+; 32 MB RAM; 16MB free hard drive space; 4X CD-ROM drive; 256 video card; Sound card; Mouse.