El Faro - The Lighthouse dvd

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El Faro - The Lighthouse dvd - 1998 film directed by Eduardo Migogna. Two Argentine sisters, Memé and Aneta, lose their mother in a car crash. Memé, the elder, is also left lame with one badly scarred leg. The orphaned girls go to Uruguay to stay with their aunts. The sisters often bicker, but they are actually very close. Memé flirts but has no luck with boys because of her injury... On their own now, Memé works as a waitress where she gets to know Andy. Returning to Montevideo, they meet Dolores, a friend of their late mother. Memé's affair with a man complicates her relationship with her sister. Then Andy invites the pair to his seaside retreat, a lighthouse... Stars Ingrid Rubio, Jimena Barón, Norberto Diaz and Ricardo Darí­n. Unrated, 109 minutes. Rated 13 in Argentina and Spain. This dvd is NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Limited quantities left!