Educorock Español CD-ROM

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Educorock Español CD-ROM - Every teacher needs this - Motivate Spanish students with the rap and hip-hop songs from Etienne and animated videos to teach basic vocabulary - 'El Cuerpo', 'La Granja', 'Los Colores' and 'La Sala de Clase' - for ALL ages - PC and Mac. We took 4 vocabulary songs from the Educorock Español by Etienne made animated music videos and put them on a CD-ROM. There are also 2 printable activities (and answers) for each song. Each one of the four songs targets one or more structures. The animations help the students learn the topics visually and create a lasting impression in their memories.

Unlimted network license is $200.00.

Educorock Español Hybrid CD-ROM requires: 32 MB RAM (64MB recomm.); 256 color - 8 bit display adapter (24 bit recomm.); CD-ROM drive; Sound card; Macromedia Flash Player. PC requires: Pentium II+; Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista. Macintosh requires: OS X+; G5+.