Ecoutez Bien 1 and 2

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Ecoutez Bien 1 and 2 - Ages 12 - Adult. French interactive quizes and exercises test oral comprehension. Part 1 is a high beginning level and part 2 is more on the intermediate level. Interactive quizzes and exercises for intermediate to advanced listening and communication skills in French, and recording/playback for pronunciation. The topics are: Giving directions, Telling time, Prices, Parts of a car, At the house, Places, At the Martins house, At a restaurant and In the park. Questions include multiple choice, true or false and more. Keeps track of names and scores of each user. There are 2 levels on 2 CDs-ROMs, the second level is more difficult. $29.95 each or both CD-ROMs for $49.95. OUT OF PRINT - LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT!

Ecoutez Bien requires for PC: CD-ROM drive; 386+; 4MB RAM (8MB recomm); VGA; Mouse; Windows (all); Sound card; Speakers. Macintosh requires CD-ROM drive; Color Mac; 4MB RAM (8MB recomm.); 256 color display.