Dora the Explorer - We're a Team!

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Dora the Explorer - We're a Team! dvd with French, Spanish or English audio.

"We're a Team," teaches the importance of teamwork in a Adventure Race; Dora and friends maneuver through an obstacle course it takes teamwork for Dora, Boots, Benny, Tico and Isa to make it past the obstacles and win the Super Adventure Race!

"Baseball Boots," Dora helps her friend Boots play his first baseball game. Boots needs help to catch, throw, save his bat from Swiper. Plus these are two bonus: "Bouncing Ball" and "Choo Choo.". Bouncing ball introduces them to counting and Choo Choo to colors. Choo Choo was great because my kids enjoy the trains.

Plus, the bonus adventures - "Bouncing Ball" and "Choo Choo". 99 minutes.