Dora - La Village des Jouets (City of Lost Toys) DVD

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Dora - La Village des Jouets (City of Lost Toys) DVD - In this DVD with French or English audio tracks, enjoy the Dora episodes La Cité Perdue (The Lost City) and Couineur s'est perdu (The Lost Squeaky) and 2 bvendor-unknownonus episodes.
Dora has lost her special teddy bear and is headed to the City of Lost Toys to find it. Dora and Boots consult the Map and head for the Number Pyramid where they learn all about counting, adding, and sequencing. Next it's on to the Mixed-up Jungle where they put out-of-place things like clouds and fish back where they belong. Finally, they arrive at the Lost City and sort through a stack of lost toys to find Dora's teddy bear and return a number of lost items to friends like Tico, Swiper, and Benny. (The live touring show Dora the Explorer Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys is based on this episode.) When Boots' new toy 'Squeaky' slips out of his hands and floats downstream in 'Lost Squeaky,' Dora and Boot rush to Gooey Geyser to rescue it. Careful attention to visual details leads the pair across Bubble Bridge, over Muddy Mountain, and into Gooey Geyser. These two Dora episodes foster the development of basic math skills and visual discrimination. The two bonus episodes are 'La cueillette des myrtilles' (Berry Hunt) and 'Le rouleau de Scotch' (Sticky Tape).
96 minutes.