Disney Pixar Aprendizaje 2o Grado

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Disney Pixar Aprendizaje 2o Grado - Ages 6 - 9 years old. Learn age appropriate 2nd grade skills in Spanish while having fun with Buzz Lightyear and all his friends, for PC or Mac. Developed using the active learning method, Buzz Lightyear 2nd Grade will expand every child's learning galaxy as they explore, discover and create while they learn. This two-CD comprehensive and entertaining reward-based multi-subject educational tool features exciting new transitional sequences and updated activities. The activities promote critical thinking and problem solving skills, encourage deductive reasoning and decision making and build self-confidence via positive reinforcement from Buzz.

Disney Pixar Aprendizaje Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/XP (will not work on Windows 2000); AMD K6 233Mhz or PentiumII 233 MHz+; 64MB RAM; 80MB free hard drive space; 8X CD-ROM drive; 16 bit sound card compatible with DirectX; Video card - 4MB of 16 bits color compatible with DirectX; DirectX 8.0a (included).
Macintosh requires: System 8.6 - OS 10.x (Classic Mode); G3 233 MHz +; 95MB RAM+; 80MB free hard drive space; 8X CD-ROM drive; Video display - millions of colors.