Disney Kinder

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Disney Kinder - Enables children ages 4-6 to learn age appropriate skills with their favorite Disney characters all in Spanish, for PC or Mac. Disney Learning Kindergarten featuring Mickey and Pooh. Features an introduction to Spanish foreign language vocabulary, which improves pronunciation and sound discrimination, adjustable levels, printable educational workbook and flash cards, progress report for feedback on skill progression and more! It offers the 'Active Leveling Advantage' which adjusts the level of difficulty for your child!

Disney Kinder Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: - Microsoft Windows 95/98/XP; Pentium 133 MHz+; 32 MB RAM +; 30 MB free hard disk space; 4X CD-ROM drive; 16-bit stereo sound card; Windows Compatible mouse; keyboard; Printer (recommended).
Macintosh requires: System 8.1 or 9.0; IMac, G3 processor +; 32MB RAM +; 30 MB free hard disk space; 4X CD-ROM drive; 256 color video card; Printer (recommended).