Level 2 - Die Verwandlung

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Die Verwandlung by Franz Kafka. The transformation. Didactic editing, exercises, dossiers: Peggy Katelhön.

Kafka's undisputed masterpiece, which tells the transformations of young Gregor.

Simplified and abridged text with explanation
difficult words in footnotes

Topics: Family | Feelings | Weather | Health and body

Franz Kafka is one of the most important German narrators of the 20th century. His narrative "The Metamorphosis" thematizes an ever-present problem in the human Society, the conflict between father and son. It is told

Story of the young Gregor Samsa, who is unexplained in cause transformed a giant beetle. This mutation changes both his life crucial, as well as that of his parents and his sister Grete. He dies a few months later, but the family lives on!
Paperback and audio cd.