Des Aires de Grammaire CD and Booklet

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SKU: 978-1-89426-210-1 Sara Jordan

Des Aires de Grammaire CD and Booklet - Sara Jordan gives us ten upbeat French grammar songs that teach basic grammar: nouns and pronouns (masculine, feminine, singular and plural), adjectives and how they vary, sentence structures including questions and the conjugation of verbs in present and past tenses. Activities and crossword puzzles which may be reproduced are included in the lyrics book. A complement of 'music-only' tracks allows for great karaoke performances and music night productions! Good for all ages!

Includes the following songs:
No. 1 Des airs de grammaire
No. 2 La chanson des noms
No. 3 Les pronoms
No. 4 Le verbe avoir
No. 5 Les adverbes
No. 6 Des questions???
No. 7 Le gouter de l'adjectif
No. 8 Les temps (être)
No. 9 La farandole des genres
No. 10 La ponctuation