Cyber Editeur

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software


SKU: frhscyber Micro-Intel

Cyber Editeur - This French hybrid CD-ROM is the ideal software tool for multimedia document creation - create interactive documents, be a hero in a story, or write captivating tales. Cyber Editeur enables the user to: Generate interactive multimedia documents, Compose interactive stories, Prepare electronic slide presentations, Create a multimedia class yearbook, Write an interactive resumé, Design interactive greeting cards, Produce an interactive diary and Create and maintain an interactive portfolio, all in French. Finished documents may contain any combination of text, sounds, illustrations, photographs, video clips, music, narrations and animations (in QuickTime format).
Simple and powerful, this multimedia tool allows you to build simple lessons, while adding stimulation to the education of your students.

Cyber Editeur Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Pentium +; Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4, XP; 16 MB RAM; Color Monitor; 2X CD-ROM drive; Sound card; 14 MB free hard drive space.
Macintosh requires: 68040+; Mac OS 7.1 or later; 16 MB RAM; Color Monitor; 2X CD-ROM drive; 14 MB free hard drive space.