Cosas que deje en la Habana (Things I left in Havana)

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Cosas que deje en la Habana (Things I left in Havana) - 1997 film directed by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón. Three gifted sisters, young, charming and beautiful, leave Cuba in search of the Good Life in Spain. Once in Madrid, these women move in with their Aunt Maria who owns a sweatshop, making fur coats. As they lack work permits, Nena, Rosa and Lumilda are exploited by their aunt who also plans to marry them off to suit her own interests. But Azucena, a friend of Maria's decides to protect the three nieces from their aunt's manipulations. But what happens when Azucena and Nena fall in love with the same Cuban charmer? Stars Jorge Perugorria, Kiti Manver, Violeta Rodrí­guez and Daisy Granados. Unrated, 110 minutes. Spanish audio with English subtitles.