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Congo to Cuba CD - Putumayo brings us an Afro-Latino music odyssey from Africa to Cuba and back again. A musical reunion between the irresistible swing of Cuban son and the soul of West African salsa, Putumayo's Congo to Cuba is a memorable collection of Afro-Latin grooves. Inspired by the critical and commercial success of the Putumayo compilations Afro-Latino and Mali to Memphis we've gone back to the archives to uncover some classic and contemporary gems of Cuban music and Cuban-influenced African music. Congo to Cuba reveals the deep cultural connections between these two distant worlds.

Congo to Cuba is a celebration of the ways in which music has helped keep the African-Cuban connection vibrant over the years. It features a number of the classic Latin recordings that were popular in Africa, as well as work by African artists who pay tribute to the Afro-Cuban sound. While time and distance may keep them apart, common heritage and family ties between West Africa and Cuba have provided a bond that can never be broken. The music on Congo to Cuba is a powerful and thoroughly enjoyable testament to the unifying nature of music.

Songs on this CD include:
1. Chico Alvarez - Val' Carretero
2. Mama Sissoko - Safiatou
3. Alfredo Valdes - Canto A La Vueltabajera
4. Gnonnas Pedro - Yiri Yiri Boum
5. Tshala Muana - Lekela Muadi
6. Balla Tounkara - Le Monde Est Fou
7. Laba Sosseh - Son Soneate
8. Monte Adentro - Igualita Que Tu
9. Chocolate Armenteros - Ritmo de Mi Son
10. Mama Keita - Tougnafo
11. Pape Fall - African Salsa