Collins Electronic Dictionary - English/French and French/English

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Collins Electronic Dictionary - English/French and French/English

  • The most complete and recently renewed electronic version of the famous Collins dictionary.
  • A natural pronunciation of the words and expressions (available on CD-ROM version).
  • The reference for translators, teachers and students.
  • A clear layout and an efficient search features thanks to Lexibase technology.
  • Easy access to the software through a shortcut, in the current application
  • In the same collection: English Dictionary & Thesaurus

The combination of the Lexibase technology and the resources of Collins dictionaries provides you with the electronic reference tool you need.

The Lexibase software uses the lexicographical base of Collins, an indisputable reference in the domain. Enjoy the benefits of a software which uses the same interface for all the languages, for meeting fast and precisely your translation needs.

A natural pronunciation of the words and expressions

This new version proposes a magic tool: the natural pronunciation of all words, expressions, and selected examples. This option can be activated, reinforcing the educational value of the dictionaries that become important tools in learning foreign languages (available on CD-ROM version).

A very efficient search format

The new Collins Lexibase version uses an alphabetical and approximate search simultaneously: you simply need to type the first letters of the word you are looking for and the program displays the next entries in alphabetical order and a list of approximates (you can find easily misspelled words or correct typos). The thematic search allows you to filter results upon specific subjects.

An ergonomic tool

Colored display: the examples, the translations, the different contexts have their own defined color, the reading of the screen is fast and easy. You can clearly see the text thanks to the zoom option.

You have the possibility to choose the language of interface: English, French, German, Spanish or Italian.

Simple interaction with your Windows applications

The software can be activated from your document of origin by a hotkey that supplies the translation of the selected word.

You can also obtain the translation by making a simple Copy / Paste.

System Requirements:  Windows 9X/Me NT4/20000; 16MB RAM, 15MB free hard drive space; CD-ROM drive.