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Clavis Sinica 5.1 - This supplementary learning tool on cd-rom now includes the Chinese Toolbox with: Chinese Character Test, Text Annotator, Vocabulary Extractor, and Vocabulary Converter. Reading is the key to building vocabulary, mastering idioms.

The latest version of the Clavis Sinica Chinese software is now available! Version 5.0 introduces a powerful set of new vocabulary management and study tools:

* Vocabulary manager tracks your progress in mastering each character that you've ever looked up or studied

* Character Inventory Statistics window shows how many characters you've looked up and how thoroughly you've learned them

* Daily Review tool sets up customized character review sessions for you each day based on which characters have given you trouble in the past and when you last reviewed them

* Built-in Chinese Character Test assessment tool allows you to estimate how many characters you already know

Program Features
Text Reader Window - Display and read ANY Chinese text file stored in the GB, Big5, or Unicode formats, including web documents and Chinese word processor files
Access pinyin pronunciation and concise English glosses for any unfamiliar Chinese word or character. Recognize multi-character compounds, phrases, and idioms in context. Hear characters and compounds pronounced by a native speaker. View any Chinese text in either simplified or traditional characters. Create vocabulary lists of new words. Edit and create Chinese texts using basic word processing features. Copy and paste Chinese text from other Windows applications. Search for individual characters within documents. Print out Chinese documents in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Dictionary Windows - Clavis Sinica's integrated dictionary database offers the following features - Comprehensive analytic dictionary of over 16,800 entries includes 4,000 characters, over 11,000 two- and three-character compound words and phrases, and 1,680 commonly used four-character phrases and idioms
Dictionary records for all entries include pinyin romanization(s) and English definition(s). For characters they also include stroke count, wuhua stroke order, radical and phonetic parts, frequency indicator, and (for 500 of the most common characters) etymological explanations. Search functions permit searching by character or compound pinyin, radical number, number and/or order of strokes, or English word or phrase. Character Information Window provides lexical and usage frequency information for each character, and breaks characters into radical and phonetic parts
Radical Information Window provides definition and etymology for each radical, along with a frequency-ordered list of all characters using that radical. Shared Phonetic Window shows all characters using any given phonetic part. Compound Window lists all compounds and phrases using any given character in any position. Customization features allow user to add any number of new characters and compounds to the dictionary.
Comprehensive on-line help available from anywhere within the program. Multiple windows can be opened, sized, and repositioned independently for a customizable program interface and appearance
Intelligent, context-based translation from simplified to traditional font. Multiple traditional equivalents are provided for 'ambivalent' simplified characters
Reads and saves files in GB, Big5, or Unicode character coding format.

Textbook Compatibility
Clavis Sinica can be used with any textbook, or, for that matter, with any Chinese text that is available in electronic form. The program has a lexicon of over 16,800 words and phrases. The dictionary has been carefully checked against the vocabulary lists from the most commonly used textbooks.

Academic Pricing:
Standard, permanent site licenses for the program are priced according to the number of workstations on which the program will be made available to users within an organization, whether by means of a direct hard-drive installation or network access. The license for 251+ installations also permits the use of the program on computers owned by current members of the organization (including students and teachers). Licenses for fewer than 251 installations do not provide for the use of the program on privately owned computers.

The pricing of the standard site license is as follows:
2-10 users - $500
11-50 users - $750
51-100 users - $1000
101-250 users - $1250
251+ users - $1500

Two copies of the program CD and printed documentation are provided with every standard site license purchased; additional copies are available for $10 each.

System Requirements

Windows (2000, NT, XP, Vista, or 7) OR Mac OS X (version 10.3 or later) OR Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, etc); 55 MB free hard drive space; 75 MB available RAM (128 MB recommended on system);Speakers or earphone; No additional Chinese software, fonts, or operating system are required

Clavis Sinica is a Java application, which gives it great flexibility in running on a variety of platforms. Operating system updates occasionally cause issues with Java. If you have any trouble launching Clavis Sinica, try starting it by clicking on the Clavis.jar icon in the Clavis folder on your hard drive.