Chinese Treasure Chest Volume 2 - 2nd edition

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Chinese Treasure Chest Volume 2 - 2nd edition - Simplified Chinese - now in 4 volumes!


Chinese Treasure Chest is an unprecedented collection of ready to-use games, songs, craft projects, delightfully illustrated student worksheets and teacher-directed activities to help pre-school and elementary students learn Chinese as a foreign language. It offers a wide variety of activities of different difficulty levels to facilitate differentiated instruction in mixed-ability classrooms and across grade levels. This second edition of Chinese Treasure Chest is a valuable resource that every Chinese teacher can use to enhance your lessons. New and past users will discover a treasure trove of fun, meaningful, content-related lessons through which students can learn Chinese and develop an appreciation for the Chinese culture. This two-volume teaching resource contains over 700 ready-to-use games, songs, craft projects, attractively illustrated worksheets, and teacherdirected activities designed around themes in the elementary curriculum. It is organized into 12 monthly sections to fit the school year. Each section begins with teacher notes that state the learning objectives and difficulty level of each activity, and offer suggestions on how to implement an activity to get the best results. Students learn the Chinese language and culture through games, songs, crossword puzzles, cut-outs, picture cards, TPR activities, role-play, chants and conversations. Also included are seasonal activities to help students celebrate special events and holidays of each month (e.g., Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Dragon Boat Festival).

Spiralbound, 367 pages. Buy all 4 volumes for a discounted price.