Childhood Adventures Set 1


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Childhood Adventures Set 1 is a set of six delightfully humorous, fully illustrated stories in Spanish. They include a great deal of vocabulary and grammar covered in a first year Spanish course: greetings, items in the classroom, numbers, telling time, parts of the body, adjectives, weather, feelings, clothing, fruits, household items, regular verbs in the present tense, and much more. Grammar topics, such as the placement of adjectives and the matching of adjectives with the gender and number of the modified noun are learned naturally when reading the stories. With stories, children learn grammar easily and naturally.
Although designed for elementary-age children, anyone learning Spanish can enjoy these stories, including children who are already at a higher level. Even children who are native Spanish speakers enjoy reading them. Parents of children learning Spanish also benefit because they learn right along with their children.
This set of storybooks is aligned perfectly with the Year 1 Sing ‘n Speak Spanish curriculum, but all elementary Spanish teachers can use them regardless of curriculum. After exposure to the vocabulary and grammar topics, the children are ready for a new story. Children love the funny illustrations and are thrilled when they understand a whole story in their newly developing language.

For Students, we have a set of six separate 28 page storybooks that are each 4 ¼” x 5½” - perfect for young children’s hands! The audio CD that narrates the stories in both English and Spanish accompanies the six storybooks. English translations are at the end of each booklet.

The following is a synopsis of each story:
1. La Clase de Español (The Spanish Class) is a darling story in which a group of children in a classroom have a special and very unusual animal visitor who is quite hungry. Topics: greetings, items in the classroom, numbers, and telling time.
2. Anita, la Niña Bonita (Anita, the Pretty Girl) is about a young girl who wishes she were prettier. Her fairy godmother grants all her wishes. Eventually she learns that she is just right the way she is. Topics: parts of the body and adjectives.
3. La Noche Larga (The Long Night) is about a young boy who has a rough night and ends up being too tired to go to school the next day. Topics: telling time, feelings, weather.
4. ¿Los Humanos son Amigables? (Are Humans Friendly?) is about an alien who goes to Earth to find out if humans are friendly. He has to dress up as a human in order to find out – only he really doesn’t know how to do this! Topics: clothing, parts of the body.
5. ¿Qué Pasó con la Casa? (What Happened to the House?) is a funny story about out-of-control pets who make a huge mess while mom and dad are out at the movies. Topics: items in the house, fruits.
6. La Siesta Peligrosa (The Dangerous Nap) is a story about an oblivious young boy who encounters many dangers when he escapes from his room during a nap – all while his tired mother is napping! Topics: items in the house, numerous verbs in the 1st person present tense.