Chez Moi CD and manual

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French

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Chez Moi CD and manual - Etienne offers original French songs to reinforce grammatical & thematical structures through rock music - students will now love conjugating verbs!!! This CD is used world wide!

a contagious dance song that targets the verb "Aller"; including conjugation and spelling. A perfect tool on Futur Proche.

Les 7 jours: a funky twist to a very familiar tune that teaches the students the seven days of the week in an exciting manner!

Chez Moi: reggae song that targets rooms of the house, members of the family and "sur, sous, devant, dans, derrière et à côté de."

Faire: a hard rock song that targets the comprehension of the verb "Faire," including conjugation, spelling and use in sentences.

La Salle de Classe: a funky rap song that calls out orders like a 90's square dance. Physically demonstrate classroom vocabulary.

-IR Blues: a mean "blues" tune that will have your students conjugating -IR verbs with ease!!

Les Couleurs: a hip-hop song that targets the ten basic colours while providing examples from a wildly diverse mix of objects.

Mots d'action en -ER: a rockin' tune sung to a familiar and famous rock song to correctly conjugating and NEVER forgetting -ER verbs.

T'es comme les autres: a grunge song with the moral message that we are all the same and born with the ability to choose.

Être (unplugged): rock anthem song that targets the verb "Être"; including conjugation, spelling, and sentence use.