Cartes Postales CD

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Cartes Postales CD will delight French junior and senior high school students and adults at a beginner's level, in other words, all francophiles! The CD has 12 songs, ranging from Rap to Jazz, ballads...with varied themes (humor, everyday life, Paris, Francophonie, nostalgia, love...). The songs are a musical illustration of grammar points encountered in French courses:

Gare St Lazare introduces both être and avoir verbs in the present tense.
Francophonie presents personal pronouns, country names with their articles.
Métro Boulot Dodo deals with the conjugation of simple verbs, while describing everyday life in Paris.
Questions shows how simple and fun the grammatical structure of the question in French really is... on a soft Techno beat!
J'Aime has the verb aimer in all its forms, the superlative of adjectives, pronouns and slang.
Marine covers the passé composé and imperfect, the imperative and the future.
Paris offers the passé composé, imperfect, pronouns, different places in Paris.
Pluton, Mars ou Jupiter has the agreement of masculine and feminine, pronominal verbs, conditional.
Comme ci, Comme ça Definite articles, "en", relative pronouns, negatives.
Parle-moi de Toi Passe composé, Pronouns, prepositions.
Tu t'en vas Future, "s'en aller", relative pronouns, "que", possessive adjectives.

Instrumental versions (4 songs) are also given, for a more in-depth effort in pronunciation...and voice! The booklet (included) offers lyrics, English translations and 3 pages of Grammar and culture notes related to each song.