Business English - Meetings

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Business English - Meetings - Ages 16 - Adult. Advanced English for business terminology produced by a university for North American English. This dynamic CD-ROM is an interactive, multimedia learning tool designed to help non-native English speakers learn about the language and culture of North American Business Meetings. It has been carefully researched and developed in a university environment. It is divided into the following units: Introduction, Opening a meeting, Making a presentation, Disagreeing, Interrupting, Persuading, Negotiating and Closing a Meeting. Each unit offers: clearly defined learning objectives, a video dialogue (with or without transcription), clickable pictures, examples of visual presentation aids, language notes, cultural notes, and examples of business documents. The videos depict business meetings in progress. The user can control the video speed and volume, access the video script text and see and hear definitions and examples of key words and phrases. Learning activities include: Crossword, Scramble, Click and drag, Conversations, Concentration and Multiple Choice. A complete glossary is included of all the words and phrases - defintions can be heard read aloud and phrases are used in context.