Brainy Steps Spanish - OUTDOOR GAME!

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Brainy Steps Spanish - The game is for all ages. Learning through playing means a quicker and more effective acquisition of vocabulary. The purpose of the game is to introduce and memorize Spanish adjectives that are indispensable in everyday communication. The players use adjectives in real and natural situations, talking or telling stories to other participants. Additionally, the players learn cooperation and mutucal support while playing. The games are played using a round giant board in the form of a floor mat with a diameter of 2 meters ( 6 1/2 feet), divided into 36 colored fields.


Stop! Adjectives - 4 rounds using adjectives in a different fashion

Blindman's Bluff - Guess the adjective you are standing on without looking at it after hearing a definition.

In Search of the Lost Word, Tick-Tock, Spider's Story and Don't you know? Oops!