Bilingual Songs CD English - Spanish volume 1

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Spanish Bilingual Songs CD vol. 1 - Beginners learn Spanish easily with these songs teaching: the alphabet, counting to 10, days of the week, months of the year, weather and seasons, colors, food and much more... Packaged with an activity/lyrics book to enhance learning and reinforce the lessons being learned in the songs, volume 1 includes these songs:
No. 1 Introduction / Introducción
No. 2 The Alphabet / El alfabeto
No. 3 Counting to 10 /Contando hasta 10
No. 4 Days of the Week / Los dí­as de la semana
No. 5 Months of the Year / Los meses del año
No. 6 Weather and Seasons / El clima y las estaciones
No. 7 Colors / Los colores
No. 8 Food / La comida
No. 9 The Zoo / El zoológico
No. 10 The Body / El cuerpo
No. 11 Clothing / La ropa
No. 12 Family / La familia