Bilingual Baby German DVD Volume 3

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SKU: 1-892703-62-9 Bilingual Baby

Bilingual Baby German DVD Volume 3 - Introduce Your Child to German - Ages 1 - 5. Total immersion approach to teach your child German. This series is a breakthrough in Bilingual Education. It teaches in the style preferred by many educators: Total Immersion. Studies show that birth to 5 years is the best time to introduce new languages. A young child's brain is wired to absorb vast amounts of information regarding the syntax, phonemes and sentence structure of any language. Because young children learn faster when they see things they can relate to, the videos are reality-based, featuring things that are part of a child's real world like puppies, familiar toys and lots of happy children! The child only hears the language being taught. German words appear on screen to help readers and to reinforce what they see and hear. Small on-screen words appear in English so parents can learn too! Bilingual Baby teaches more than 60 words and phrases. Give your child the language advantage and give them the world to play with! 45 minutes.

(This is the only bilingual baby dvd in German - volume 1 is French, volume 2 is Spanish, etc.)