Berlitz Communicate and Connect French

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Berlitz Communicate and Connect French - comprehensive program for PCs for beginner to intermediate French - 3 CD-ROM set with automatic speech recognition, live action videos, comprehensive grammar and much more! Go beyond simple stock phrases and make real person-to-person connections with French Speakers!
BEGIN WITH THE BASICS: Start with an unbeatable set of tools to master French pronunciation ? close-up videos, speech recognition, record/playback, and voice mapping that compares you with a native speaker.
FOCUS ON COMMUNICATION: Now you're ready to SPEAK and LISTEN in interactive conversations on a variety of topics. As you VARY your responses, language processing software enables the on-screen characters to react realistically, so you can watch your skills take off and to BUILD fluency fast.
READY, SET, CONNECT: Immerse yourself in role-play videos and HEAR your voice as the action unfolds. Throughout the program, culture tips explain how to INTERACT with native speakers ? the key to connecting successfully.
EASY TO USE: Fast, simple navigation lets you adapt the program to your pace, learning style and goals. You can REVIEW the basic from beginning to end ? the focus on specific topics. Self-correcting quizzes record your progress and check your status at a glance.
Even includes a headset with microphone and a supplemental workbook.

Communicate and Connect requires: PC; Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP or NT with SP 4.0+; Pentium 233 MHz Processor+; 12X CD-ROM drive (24X recomm.); 128 MB RAM; 128 MB free hard drive space; 16-bit - 256-color video card; 16-bit sound card; Keyboard.