Beginning Brazilian Portuguese

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SKU: 978-1929986002 Critical Language Series

Ages 12 - Adult. Beginning Brazilian Portuguese - This 2 CD-ROM set with 20 lessons is the equivalent of a beginning Portuguese textbook, workbook, audio and video. This program offers a content that is rich, organized and up-to-date. It accommodates different learning styles, and allows students to explore Brazilian culture, vocabulary, and grammar in context. There are 39 video dialogues and readings by native speakers, over 9,000 audio recordings, including original songs. It has been classroom tested and there are extensive foot-notes and graphics. The activities for each lesson are: Browse, Multiple Choice, Vocabulary Completion, Audio Flashcards, Pronunciation and Listening Dictation.

Beginning Portuguese requires: PC; Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP; 486+; 16MB RAM+; 2X CD-ROM drive; SVGA (or better); Sound card; Speaker, and 9MB free hard drive space; Microphone recom-mended.