Basic Concepts of Spanish Grammar


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Basic Concepts of Spanish Grammar by Peter J. Bernstein. This veteran teacher has produced an indispensable Spanish grammar reference for students. The objective was to design easily recognizable ways of remembering various Spanish grammar rules. This booklet is quickly and easily understood by students at the intermediate and advanced levels. Also included are appendices of useful and nice-to-know information.
Paperback, 58 pages.

Table of Contents
Rules of Stress; Syllables, Vowels, Accents; "i" between vowels
Gender of Nouns
The Definite Article
Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns; Personal "a"
Comparatives and Superlatives; Reflexive for Passive
Active Voice vs. Passive voice; Time Expressions with Hacer
Verbs - General; Formulas and endings; Preterit vs. Imperfect; Boot verbs; -go verbs;
Irregular First Persons; Basement verbs; Three Musketeers; The Dirty Dozen;
Progressive Tenses; Present Participles; Perfect Tenses; Past Participles; Verb Silo
Commands; Irregular "tú" commands
The Subjunctive - Formulas and endings; Examples of Subjunctive Sentences
Irregular Present Subjunctive; Relative pronouns - que, quien and quienes
Word Pairs: Por and Para, Ser and Estar, Saber and Conocer, Pero and Sino, Volver and Devolver, Pedir and Preguntar
Idiosyncrasy of "gustar"; Negative Construction

Personal Pronouns; Colors; Question Words
List of Basement Verbs
List of Irregular Present Participles
List of Irregular Past Participles
List of Boot verbs in the indicative and subjunctive moods
List of Expressions with "por"
Common expressions with various verbs
Numbers: Cardinal and Ordinal
Common impersonal expressions that require the subjunctive
List of "-cer" and "-cir" verbs (in the present indicative)
Character Map