Baila CD


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Baila CD - A non-stop celebration of salsa, cumbia and more!   Putumayo has put together yet another dynamite party album. From the opening 1-2-3/1-2 clavé of Raúl Paz "Mua Mua Mua", which is soon overwhelmed by electronica only to re-emerge at will, the beats are as relentless as they are caressing. The set covers a lot of ground geographically, as Puerto Rican salsa, Mexican and Colombia cumbia and Cuban rumba have long since become international preoccupations, performed by local practitioners in every corner of the globe. Africando, with its blend of West African salseros and New York-based Latin all-stars, and Riccardo Lemvo's suave rumba Congolaise via LA, have repatriated rhythms that came from Africa in the first place. Belgium is an unlikely pit-stop, but Gabriël Rios' Santeria-infused "Bones Bugalu" has plenty of authenticity plus panache to spare. The grooves just keep coming, so put on those dancing shoes, snag an ice-cold forty-ouncer of malt liquor from the corner bodega and swing the night away! 

The tracks are:

  1. Mua Mua Mua - Raul Paz
  2. Son Fo - Africando All-Stars
  3. Que Rico Boogaloo - La-33
  4. Bones Bugalu - Gabriel Rios
  5. Escucha el Ritmo - Spanish Harlem Orchestra
  6. Hoah - Calle Real
  7. Mama Kivelele - Ricardo Lemvo
  8. Tierra Santa - Los Pinquos
  9. La Cachimba - NG La Banda
  10. El Burrito - Yerba Buena
  11. Mambo Con Dancehall - Brooklyn Funk Essentials