Babar - La Grande Histoire d'Alexandre

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"Babar - A Tale of Two Siblings" in this bilingual DVD in French or English. 3 other episodes included! Enjoy these great Babar episodes - A Tale of Two Siblings (La Grande Histoire d'Alexandre) - Stuck babysitting his little sister Isabelle, Alexander spends the afternoon making up a fairy tale which draws them closer together.
Alexander the Great (Alexandre le Grand) - Alexander's flying skills get him into hot water when he crashe lands his plane in the jungle.
Oh to be an adult (La Vie des grands) - When the kids turn 11, they decide they are now adults. Babar and Celeste are shocked when they announce their 'adult' plans for their lives.
Kings of the Castle (Rois d'un jour) - As part of a school project to promote understanding and cooperation, the children convince Babar and Rataxes to change places for the day.
1 hour 30 minutes.