Babar - 75 ans d'aventure! DVD

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Babar - 75 ans d'aventure! DVD Enjoy this fantastic 3 DVD set in French or English - over 4 hours of adventures with Babar. Audio is in your choice of French or English, no subtitles. 

Disc 1 has: La Vieille dame disparaît (The Old Lady Vanishes)
Reines d'un jour (Pair of Queens)
Un dîner chez Rataxès (My Dinner with Rataxes)
Le système d'alarme (Insecurity System)

Disc 2 has: Les joies du sport (The One that got away)
À belles dents (Every Basket has a silver lining)
Tels pères, tels fils (Fathers and Sons)
Victor, victorieuse (Victor Victorious)

Disc 3 has: L'Invention du siècle (The Lead Blimp)
Les rois de l'aviron (Rowing Pains)
La machine à remonter le temps (Time Flies)
le pachyderme écarlate (The Scarlet Pachyderm)