Asterix als Gladiator

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Asterix and Harry Potter in German


SKU: 978-3770400034 Egmont Ehapa

Asterix als Gladiator - Classic Asterix story in German - Cutting satire of a plc in the form of the Phoenician trading vessel. Commentary on the then developing trait of high-rise accomodation as Asterix and Obelix visit a contact in a GLC (Greater Latin Council) owned apartment who's residents bicker constantly about each other's noise. On the ship, the galley slaves are, in fact, business partners who failed to read the contract before signing. Whilst being attacked by pirates they will not fight before tabling amendments to their contract at an extraordinary general meeting.
Ironically, Julius is less than grateful for the gift that forms the story's premise and he makes the first of several ironic references to his impending murder at the hands of Marcus Brutus. A vendor sets up a stall outside the Circus Maximus advertising 'Super Persic, Washes even Purpler.' The circus scenes parody the Hollywood epics Ben Hur (1959) and Spartacus (1960). Paperback, 48 pages.