Arabic Nursery Rhymes for Children

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SKU: 978-9957040567 Al Salwa Publishing

Arabic Nursery Rhymes for Children - 3 Arabic board books and compilation audio CD with all 32 Arabic Nursery Rhymes. Ahazeej Arabic Nursery Rhymes, is a collection of 32 popular Arabic rhymes from all over the Arab world. The aim of the project is to preserve these rhymes and make them accessible to young parents of today. The collected rhymes were categorized according to subjects and presented in three beautifully illustrated board books.

**BOOK ONE** This is the Way Fish Swim are rhymes with hand gestures to go with the music. Classic children's Arabic nursery rhymes in this Board Book encourage parents and children to sing and use gestures to learn the Arabic Rhymes.

**BOOK TWO** "Tasseh Tarantaseh" includes traditional Arabic Nursery Rhymes
This Arabic Children's Nursery Rhymes Board Book is a compilation of traditional rhymes. The rhymes in this book are about the special times spent with Grandma and the delicious food she cooks. Other rhymes are about the weather, toys and games. These nostalgic rhymes bring back memories and introduce children to new vocabulary and customs of Arabic culture and way of life.

**BOOK THREE** My Turtle is Named Nahla is about ANIMALS.
These Nursery Rhymes are about Animals and are easy to remember and repetitive. The rhymes encourage children to interact through music, and through imitating the sound and movements animals make.