Ana la Iguana


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Ana la Iguana is a wonderful Spanish cloth book to teach a young child the alphabet and beginning vocabulary in Spanish. All zipped up, Ana is a soft and cuddly iguana. On her back are 4 pockets with the letters: a, b, c and d. Each pocket has a little piece of cloth - on one side there is a picture - for example under B - there is a picture of a bus - and on the other side of the little piece of cloth the letter b and the word bus.

Unzip Ana and she becomes MUCH longer with each letter of the alphabet on one side - and each letter has a pocket with a little piece of cloth inside as described above and the other side is a delightful story. Ana la Iguana will provide hours of fun for your child.
Anti-allergic, Washable and non-toxic. 8 inside pages, when zipped up - 65 cm x 50 cm.

La historia de una gran coleccionista que guarda en sus bolsillos las letras que sus amigos le van regalando al largo del camino. Al final, tiene un gran tesoro lleno de palabras.