American Sign Language First 100 Words

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American Sign Language First 100 Words - Photos make up this dictionary of 112 essential words for signing with start and finish poses including arrows and directions where necessary. Perfect for parents, this 6-page guide includes the first infant and toddler signs and many more any beginner would use. Designed to also hang on the wall it is laminated for durability during heavy use or defense against that splotch of applesauce thrown while signing “more”.

Suggested uses:

o Beginner – great source for core words to know when learning sign language

o Parent – use as your reference in teaching sign language to your infant or toddler for basic needs, the child can then use it as reference as they grow to expand their vocabulary

o Teacher – designed to hang on the wall, two guides will display over 100 words for your class to learn.

Word sets covered include:
• First Words
• Food & Drink
• Family
• Animals
• Colors
• Playtime
• Requests
• Home & Places