African Dreamland CD


SKU: 790248027722 Putumayo

African Dreamland CD - Features enchanting and calming African songs for relaxation and sweet dreams.

African Dreamland continues the series that has brought peace and relaxation to music fans both young and old. The soothing sounds presented on this collection feature vocal and instrumental blends from Cameroon to Cape Verde. Bedtime only gets easier as Putumayo Kids creates a cultural lullaby experience no child will be able to resist.

The tracks are:

  1. Nomathemba / Lady Smith Black Mambazo
  2. Mimi / Mapumba
  3. Lonon / Kaissa
  4. Douyoré / Famoro Dioubaté
  5. Agalilala / Samite
  6. Usa Cheme / Chiwoniso
  7. Ikope Ye Tollo / Hijas del Sol
  8. Mali Sadio / Habib Koité & Bamada
  9. Kula Bébé / Bernadette Aningi & Anita Daulne
  10. Horas De Dormir / Tété Alhinho