Adibou Magie

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Adibou Magie - This delightful all French program revisits the existing Adibou world and focuses on creative activities and weather. In Magie, children will find everything they need to put on a great magic show and about natural magic - the weather. This program takes place in the existing universe of Adibou and encourages the children's creativity. Magic tricks entirely conceived and scored as a real magic show. There is also the introduction to the magic natural phenomenon: lightning, rainbows, shooting stars, etc. There are 2 consultation modes: free and guided and even printable sheets to play away from the computer.

Adibou présente la magie Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Pentium 166 Mhz (233 Recommended); Windows: 98, Me or XP; 32MB RAM (64MB Recommended); 2MB graphic card, 800x600, thousands of colors; 4X CD-ROM drive; Sound card. Macintosh requires: PowerPC or iMac; 233 Mhz; 64MB RAM; System 7.6+; Graphic card : 800x600, thousands of colors; 4X CD-ROM drive; 50 Mb hard drive space.