Adi CM 2 - 4th Grade

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software

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Adi CM 2 - 4th Grade - Ages 10-11. This all French program for language and math with a great blue alien, Adi, has 20 lessons. Subjects include: verbs - present, future, past, imperative, conditional and subjunctive; spelling; homophones; explanation of texts, math; mass; proportions; scales; problems; right-hand sides; plane figures; volumes. There are over 1500 questions by subject. Answer enough questions correctly, you earn coins for the video games - which get progressively more interesting to incent you to keep answering questions!

Adi Hybrid CD-ROM requires 8X CD-ROM drive; 640x480 Thousands of colors. PC: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP; 128MB RAM; Pentium III 600 MHz; 16 bit comp. Sound card. Mac requires: 64MB RAM; Mac OS 9.2; Power Mac G3; 8MB 3D graphics card; 16 bit sound card.