Adi CE 2

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software

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Adi CE 2 - Ages 8 - 9. This all French CD-ROM program with a friendly alien, Adi, has 20 lessons. Subjects include spelling, homophones, present, past and future verbs, nominal groups, vocabulary, oral comprehension, math, mass, time, currency, calendar, solids, axes of symmetry and perpendicular right-hand sides. There are over 1500 questions by subject. Answer enough questions correctly to earn coins for the video games - which get progressively more interesting.

Adi Hybrid CD-ROM requires 8X CD-ROM drive; 640x480 Thousands of colors. PC: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP; 128MB RAM; Pentium III 600 MHz; 16 bit comp. Sound card. Mac requires: 64MB RAM; Mac OS 9.2; Power Mac G3; 8MB 3D graphics card; 16 bit sound card.