Abrir Paso 3 Set 3A-3M


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Abrir Paso Set 3A-M - Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials. These texts serve as enrichment material and are used alongside a middle or high school textbook to give students the opportunity to deal specifically with cultural material. The texts serve two further purposes: reading and vocabulary development.

Ecuador has participated in the Olympic Games for the last 100 years. During that entire period they have won one bronze medal. Should they participate or should the funds be used locally? This is an example of the kind of thoughtful question asked in this workbook.

More than basic country information, it provides the student with contextualized exercises that are content-based. The focus of this workbook, intended for a third year Spanish class is the Andean countries. No need to photocopy, here is an entire year of well organized, culturally relevant materials. The exercises on the three different past tenses will help your students achieve mastery.