Abrir Paso 4G - Spain

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Abrir Paso 4G - Spain - This Miraflores unit is on history and art.

  • Felipe II
  • Las meninas de Velázquez

Teacher’s favorite art unit! Present Velázquez, Goya and Picasso! The unit includes a text on the people in the Meninas; then comes the vocabulary of painters and painting plus more paintings, oral presentations, oral exercises with cartoons of two paintings, even a list of Spanish museums and painters for further study. What more can you ask?

Much maligned and misunderstood, Felipe II has always been pictured as the arch villain. True or false? Did you know that his reign coincided with the Golden Age of Spanish literature?

Subject matter: history; art

Vocabulary: empire; art and war
Grammar: imperfect subjunctive
Oral practice: ways of transmitting information then and now; Goya's paintings and cartoons
Homework: imaginary life; describe Guernica
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search