Abrir Paso 4F - Spain

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Abrir Paso 4F - Spain - This Miraflores unit deals with ecology and tourism and daily life.

    • El olivo: el árbol más caracterí­stico del Mediterráneo

  • Hace mil años, ¿quién iba a Córdoba?

Did you know that in the past Europe was divided into butter eaters, those people who lived in the north and had cattle and olive eaters, those who lived in the south and had olive trees? Did you know that the olive tree is mentioned in the Bible? That the Greeks made wreaths with its branches and that it serves as a symbol of peace? How can this possibly interest the students? Easy! They love to talk about food, including symbolic food like bread and wine.

A thousand years ago, the Moors ruled most of the Iberian Peninsula. What did they eat? What games did they play? Who were the inhabitants of the Peninsula? How did the Moors treat their Christian and Jewish subjects? This unit is very relevant today! It deals with multi-cultural and multi-ethnic peoples living side by side.

Subject matter: ecology; tourism and daily life

Vocabulary: meals, trees; religio
Grammar: conditional perfect; future and future perfect
Oral practice: a snack; compare Maimónides and Averroes
Homework: an edible product; library research project on words
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search