Abrir Paso 4D - Uruguay

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Abrir Paso 4D - Uruguay - This Miraflores text deals with language and theater.

    • El español de América: el caso uruguayo

  • El Galpón y el teatro uruguayo

The language spoken in the different Spanish speaking countries is quite different. There are words that are different, there are even verb conjugations that are different. Use the language of the Buenos Aires region, which includes Uruguay, as an example and compare.

Does your school have an annual play? What kind of plays do the students present? Drama (both meanings!) in Uruguay. Also artistic creation in jail. Wow!

Subject matter: language; theater

Vocabulary: language; theater
Grammar: subjunctive; punctuatio
Oral practice: language development; art therapy
Homework: library work on specific words; strength in helping others
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search