Abrir Paso 4C - Chile

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Abrir Paso 4C - Chile - This Miraflores text deals with music, history and daily life.

  • Violeta Parra y la Nueva Canción
  • Carmen Quintana
  • Nota cultural: la cortesía

Is folk music and protest music the same? Are they related? Read the sad story of the suicide of a talented musician, Violeta Parra. Discuss different musical styles, indigenous instruments and the world wide fame of certain rock stars. Does MTV rule the world?

Do you know a burn victim or someone who has had a life threatening accident? This unit deals with two teen-agers who were doused with gasoline and set on fire. Why? When? What happened? The language classroom is the perfect place to discuss civil rights. It is also the perfect place to review and extend the vocabulary of the body and practice the subjunctive. ‘Es triste que Carmen haya sufrido tanto.’

Subject matter: music; history and daily life

Vocabulary: instruments; body parts
Grammar: subjunctive
Oral practice: traditional music vs. videos; an accident or a death
Homework: musical group; exemplary individual; death
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search