Abrir Paso 4B - Chile

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Abrir Paso 4B - Chile - This Miraflores text deals with tourism and ecology.

  • La Región de los Lagos
  • Chile: ¿maravilla económica o desastre ecológico?

Chile’s Lake District, with its forests, mountains and lakes, is closer to our image of the Rocky Mountains than of South America. ‘Es indispensable que vengas a conocer.’ Practice the subjunctive and get rid of those stereotypes about Latin America.

Our supermarkets stock fruits and vegetables from around the world. Because the seasons are inversed, Chile is one of the biggest providers of fresh fruits and vegetables during the northern hemisphere winter months. Think about the positive and negative consequences of industrial farming and their impact on the ecology. Knowledge is power!

Subject matter: tourism; ecology

Vocabulary: prefixes in and im; fruits, industrial vocabulary
Grammar: subjunctive
Oral practice: tourist destination; fruits in our supermarkets
Homework: letter requesting tourist information; arguments in favor and against chemical fertilizers
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search