Abrir Paso 4I - Cuba

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Abrir Paso 4 I - Cuba - This Miraflores unit covers Cuba and un galeón: Nuestra Señora de Atocha and una plantación azucarera: Manaca Iznaga. Slavery is a difficult subject. Learn about Manaca Iznaga, a Cuban sugar cane plantation. Slavery can be analyzed from many points of view: history, ecology, mathematics, literature and more. Give your students a choice as to what kind of oral presentation they would like to prepare. Allow them to follow their own interests and relate slavery to mathematics, science, art and literature.

Subject matter
: transport; sugar and slavery

Vocabulary: maritime; sugar and slavery
Grammar: difficult genders
Oral practice: the world in 1622 (role playing); description of two photographs
Homework: stems from world in 1622 role playing; a research project
Internet: key words for Net search