Abrir Paso 3L - Chile

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Abrir Paso 3L - Chile - This Miraflores text covers Nota Cultura - Chile, El cielo del sur and El Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar. When you look up to the sky, do you really see a Big Dipper or do you join the stars in such a way that you visualize a dipper? When Magellan saw the Southern Cross, he saw just that, a cross. But when the indigenous people of Chile saw the same stars they saw the head of a bird. Compare the two with a legend and a story. Relate them both to the scientific discoveries from the power telescopes in the Atacama Desert. This unit helps students understand multiple realities.

Popular music is of great interest to many students and teachers. Read about Latin America’s biggest song contest in the Chilean coastal city of Viña del Mar. Compare this music festival to North American award ceremonies and discover ´the monster.'

Subject matter: astronomy, popular music, Isabel Allende
Vocabulary: the sky, myth and legend, music, story, novel
Grammar: pronouns; future
Oral practice: the Zodiac, astronomy, astrology; traveling to a festival
Homework: flags and constellations, the Zodiac, science fiction; festivals, phobias
Internet: key words list to facilitate a search
Model tests and teacher's guide